Many of us may laugh at this statement but when you really think about it isn't it the truth? I have found that what we put in our mouth portrays what are body looks like. A good percentage of overweight people eat fast food and consume lots of sugar so it is safe to assume they resemble the foods they are putting in their mouth. What I believe is that you can have the foods you want in life but in moderation only. I eat clean all during the week and then choose one day on the weekend and allow myself that cheat meal to have whatever it may be that I am craving. That way I am not eating junk all the time but I am treating myself for all the self discipline that I have shown all week long.

I believe if you are counting your calories daily then you are able to add in some things into your diet instead of waiting till your designated cheat day because you know the amount of calories your body needs to maintain daily the look your happy with. If you do not know the amount of calories your body needs daily that then it's best to designate a cheat meal on the weekend. Often times what many people do is have a sweet or salty food here and there and before you know it they are eating those foods on a daily basis. If you give yourself the taste of a tempting food all of the time then your mind will crave and want that taste all the time. If you rarely eat that treat all the time then you will not miss it because your not use to it's taste. We forget how good junk food can taste when we don't eat it on a consistent basis. Especially when you are really happy with the way you look, you do not even want to put that bad food in your body to ruin all the hard work you have done. You will not ruin that look if you allow yourself a specific day to have those foods you are craving!

I find writing out your meals or having the same meals daily works great in keeping the look you want. You never want to deprive yourself of something you really want and you shouldn't have to do that. If you are eating a healthy diet daily then if you have a cheat meal here and there it should not affect the way you look. Like I said if you eat fast food all the time or half the time then your body will show those results. If you are eating healthy foods all the time then your body will reflect that as well. I think where competitors may go wrong is that they give themselves an on season and off season look. My opinion is that unless your an endorsed professional athlete making a lot of money, I don't really know why anyone would say that as it makes no sense to me. Other then to give yourself the excuse that it's okay to eat whatever you want when you are not competing and to eat clean when your are.

If you just eat regularly small portions of the right food and have a cheat when it's time then you will maintain a great look year round. There will be no need for an off/on season when you do decide to do an event or competition because you will already be close to the look you need to obtain for stage. Know the quality of foods you are putting in your body. Our bodies are a temple and should be treated that way! If you want to have those six-pack ABS then you had better think twice about eating those cookies three times a week as I said we are what we eat!!


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