Does the thought ever cross your mind that the older you get the better you look? Well as crazy as that sounds I believe it's true. I look back at my younger years & the progress I had made with my body & it is in no way as good as it is compared to right now in my life. The older we get the more we master the skill of manipulating our bodies to do and look the way we need them to.

As I competed through the years I was always trying new things, doing different workouts & adjusting my food. I would have to say the biggest thing I learned was how to stay lean all year round & not have to work so hard such as I did in the past. Many of us think that hours of cardio & lifting is the key to changing our bodies. When in fact that is only a small percentage in losing body fat to change your look. Once you learn how to manipulate your food into knowing exactly what works for you then you have just mastered the first step in getting the body that you want. Keep in mind that this is based around a healthy clean eating plan.

Your exercise regiment is def. a factor in the way you look don't get me wrong but your food is what gets your body to that first step. I can honestly say right now in my life that I have learned that I don't have to eat every 3-4 hours these big meals & do tons of cardio to stay lean. I learned the clean foods that work well in my body and digest properly which is key in looking the way I want. I also know how many calories my body should be taking in each day that way I am not over consuming calories in which I may never end up burning.

I have conditioned myself now to know exactly what I can eat & not eat to keep me staying lean. I do not do near as much in the gym as I use to which is absolutely wonderful. More is not better as some people are misled to believe, it is actually nothing more than a waste of your time.

Like I said just because you turn another year older esp. for us women it doesn't mean you can't be in better shape then when you were years ago. The question you have to ask yourself is how bad do you want it? I believe that you will do whatever it takes to achieve the look you want. I love the fact that when I go to the gym I am always striving & challenging myself to do things that I could never do before. When people see me in the gym they would never guess my age because of not only the way I look but the vigorous exercises that I do while I work out.

I find that these days many people, of course depending on the gym you attend, don't really push themselves to the limit as they should. I am in no way saying that is what one has to do but I figure if I've got one hour in the gym then that one hour is gonna be full force ahead with my workout pushed to failure. We reap what we sow. When we watch our food & focus our minds to really give our all in our workouts the results will come.

Our age has nothing to do with it, your choices have everything to do with it. I'm so sick of hearing woman in the gym telling me oh well your not as old as I am, I've got kids or some other lame excuse. Honestly, I'd feel better if they told me the truth and said they didn't want to exercise or eat properly because the rest is a crock of crap. I'm not a spring chicken so excuse #1 is out the window, & I have tons of friends who have children and they look like they could be walking off a stage from a fitness competition-so excuse #2 is gone.

If I hear someone say that they don't have time to workout then I realize at that point that they just don't want it bad enough. I choose to get up at 4am to work out because that's the only time I have before work each day. Again, self discipline is everything and age is just a number and only that.

So as I approach my years as an older woman I can feel very confident with myself because I know that I look better now in my life then when I was in my twenties. I will admit it is a lifestyle and you need dedication skills. Then again something worth having, such as a beautiful body should take work, if not then it's not worth having. Nothing good comes without work!

So next time you think you can't have the look you want or you tell yourself it's because your too old, you don't have enough time, or you have children. PLEASE-just be honest with yourself and quit making excuses because we all have time for what is important to us!! Don't make excuses!! Set goals for yourself NOW & you will achieve them if you really want it bad enough!!!


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