Hello Everyone,
Well I'm back from Toronto where I competed at the WBFF show. I competed in the masters figure and the fitness model categories. I have to say this was the best show I have competed in ever and I have been competing for over 11 years. Paul Dilett def. knows how to not only put an amazing show but how to treat his competitors with the utmost respect!!
The show was on time, ran smooth and his staff was extremely helpful and there for anything any competitor needed at anytime! I have never competed in a show where the competitor was treated so good! Not only was the show excellent but the prizes were awesome AND given out to each winner when the awards were given at the end of the show. Most shows I do the competitors are never given their awards much less the cash prizes they are told they are to receive. I was extremely impressed and will def. be back next year to do it again! The girls backstage were also extremely friendly and just really cool! I had an amazing experience!!
I was happy with the way my body turned out considering I had not planned on doing the figure division and was not all that strict on my dieting this time around. My advice to anyone competing is stay strict and true to your diet because when showtime comes you'll be happy you did! Again, I could have looked alot better but when you stray from your diet you reap the consequences such as I did, but in the end it turned out ok and I had lots of fun at the show!!!
Not to mention met lots of amazing people!! I'm not sure when my next show will be so for now I'm just going to focus on my normal training routine, indulge just a little bit and stay leading a happy healthy lifestyle!!! I hope all you out there are training hard, eating good and happy in your life!
Stay tuned as I will keep you all informed as to my next plan. I'll give you a little preview of what I'm up too: I'm starting a spray tanning business, me and my partner will be working with Jan Tana so once my business plan is finalized which should be real soon I'll let you all know all about my company and what we will be offering! It's going to be amazing, so you won't want to miss it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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