Hi All-
I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! 2009 is def. going to be a rockin year for me, I have alot planned and will be starting back into my training mode this week! I am gearing up for a couple of shows in April & throughout the summer. I will also be going to the Arnold Classic at the end of Feb. in Ohio. I am not sure if I will be working the booth for Redline/VPX or just going to have fun! Check back with me closer to and I'll let you all know!

Above is my video shoot that I did with Mandarich Photography, they are located in Scottsdale and do amazing work! So if anyone is looking for a photographer out there please contact them, they are the most professional and the best in town!! Go to I had an amazing experience with them and loved all the pic's and the vid. above..:)

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and is looking forward to a brand new successful 2009!! Remeber since this is a New Year, I hope everyone out there has set their fitness goals and is looking only to improve themselves this year!!!

Stay tuned in with me as I will be updating you on my continuing training and event schedule! Keep training hard, drink lots of water, stay healthy with the nutrition and most of all start out this New Year being positive!!!! Only you can change you!!! Wishing everyone the best in 2009!!!


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