Hi Everyone! Well the Hollywood Worlds show is approaching near, a little under 3 weeks away and i'm def. ready for it to be here. I've been training hard and I will be competiting in the bikini division and possibly the figure division too. But i'll decide that for sure in another two weeks as I see how my body is looking! The show is in Hollywood and is put on by Fitness America, if you want all the details go to http://www.fitnesshollywood.com/.
I've changed my diet around this time instead of last time where I was primarily doing the meal replacement called Living Fuel. Even though I feel it is a good meal replacement nothing is better then nourishing your body with real food. Basically my meals consist of the following right now:

1/2 cup organic oats
w/ 25g Isopure low carb choc. protein powder
some stevia and cinnamon

3-3-1/2hrs later
protein shake-20g of the Dessert protein

4oz. orange roughy
4oz. sweet potato

4 egg whites
1-2 tsp. salsa
cup of salad if desired

My diet will change each week as the competition gets closer but that has been my food program lately. I'll lower the carbs as the show gets close and add more fish taking out the egg whites. As i'm trying to lower my sodium intake. And since my fats are low I make sure i'm taking my essential fish oils and coconut oil. I'll add some almond butter with celery if needed later on as a possible snack. Well that sums up my diet for now. My workouts consist of 45 min. weight training consisting of a full body workout combined with 1hr. 40 minutes of cardio per day. That will vary as well as the show approaches.

I'm doing well despite my low calorie intake right now but in order to achieve my goals that's what I need to be doing right now. Hard work def. pays off in the end and when I look back I know it'll all have been worth it!! That's whats going on in my world right now! I hope all of you who may be around the Cali. area in a couple of weeks come out and enjoy the show! It's def. going to be one of FAP's best of the year!!!


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