This is one of the easiest yummiest protein filled treats ever! This recipe was created by Evian Delly & myself.


1 jar of Naturally More P.B, cashew butter or crunchy almond butter-u choose whichever one you prefer.

5 packs of Stevia

1/2 cup-or if you would like more then make it 1 cup of organic oats or Quinoa Flakes-again it's your choice on which one you prefer to use.

7 scoops of whey protein

1/2 cup of honey

1 cup of organic shredded coconut


Depending on how big of batch of balls you would like to make will depend on the amount of ingredients you add. So you could use less then the suggested amounts of ingredients if you want to make less balls.

In a large bowl you will mix the p.b or whichever you choose, then next mix in the Stevia. Be sure to mix this well.

Next you will add the protein, organic oats or Quinoa flakes if you prefer all together in the bowl. You will then add the honey last. Make sure that you use your hands to mix the ingredients in the bowl so that you can make the size of the balls you would like.

Once you have made them into balls then lastly you will roll them lightly in the organic shredded coconut. You can then place them in the refrigerator for a bit to chill or you can eat them right then. They will be ready to eat as soon as you have rolled them with the shredded coconut. I like to refrigerate them for a bit then pull one out as a treat when I am hungry.

If you are not a fan of coconut then make them without as they are just as tasty..:) Again if you do not want to make a huge batch then modify the amount of the ingredients you add to get the amount you want.

This a healthy treat that can be eaten at all times..:) ENJOY!!


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