Hi Everyone,
Yes, its been awhile since I've updated my blog here. But I wanted to let everyone know that I have been doing well and will be starting my training soon for my next show which will be put on by FAME. The show will be in Las Vegas at the Planet Hollywood Hotel on May 31, 2008. I will be competing in the Muscle Model division. This will be my first time competing with the FAME federation as well as in the Muscle Model category.
I am very excited to see how I do and get a chance to see what the FAME Federation is all about compared to the FAP shows that I normally compete in. I thought I would branch out into a new division and really concentrate on only one division this time as doing more then one category for me doesn't seem to work. If anyone has nothing to do that weekend I would love to see you all in Las Vegas cheering me on! This is FAME'S 1st show in our neck of the woods and I hope it goes over well.
Keep checking my blog as I will be posting my competition prep. daily for you to follow along till the show gets here! I will also be updating all new pic's in my photo gallery for everyone to see as I have had new ones taken. The picture I have posted above is from one of my latest photo shoots!
I hope you all out there are all working out hard and eating clean. Remember you can allow yourself to have a little cheat here and there just be careful of your portion sizes! And keep working out, taking your vitamins and getting plenty of rest!

Stay tuned as more will be coming!


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