Hi All,

Well I wanted to let everyone know that I've decided to branch out and travel to Canada to compete in a show with a new federation that I have never competed in! This federation is the World Bodybuilding &Fitness Federation promoted by its CEO Paul Dilette. I will be competing in the Fitness Model Diva category which is similar to the divisions I have been doing in the past. This division has two categories: 1-is in a bikini/heels of choice and 2-a sportswear theme outfit.

I hear the show is supposed to be outstanding as he is giving over $70K away in prizes and lots of photographers and magazine coverage will be taken place at this event! I am hoping this show turns out to be as good as everything I am hearing it is! I will def. let you all know what I think when I return. If you would like to check it out you can go to for all the show info. just in case any of you out there will be in Toronto at that time. The show will be taking place on September 20th.

So I am back dieting and training hard getting ready for this event as there is not much time left before I take off to Toronto! I hope everyone out there is eating well, getting pleny of rest and working out hard!!! I will be getting more pic's done soon and will be posting them into my gallery section-so please check them out!

Stay tuned as I will keep updating you on my progress/workouts as time goes on until I leave!

Remember stay healthy and be happy!


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