Hi All,
Just got back from the show and I have to say it was not quite what I had expected. I had never done a FAME show before and it was extremely small as if no-one had ever heard of it before-quite unmotivating and depressing.
Anyhow, we all learn lessons in life and despite how small it was I was very happy with the turn out of my body! But from now on I will continue to compete in Fitness America Shows which is what I am use to! I know how the FAP shows are run and I am very happy with that unlike this experience.
I met some great people at the show and had a blast in Vegas!! The picture I have posted is of me and one of my closest friends Jana Stewart on stage in the Fitness Model theme wear division.
Well what's next for me you may be asking.... Well I am going to keep training and eating clean just maintaining where I am at until I compete in my next show which will be the FAP show in November-it use to be the Worlds in Hollywood but Lou-the promoter of FAP has changed its venue to Las Vegas. So I will be heading back to Vegas in mid-November to compete in that show!! I am very excited for the show in November it will be a blast as that show always is!!
I hope everyone out there is working out, eating clean, taking all your vitamins and getting plenty of rest! Remember, never fully deprive yourself of anything, moderation is the key.. Keep your portion sizes small and try to eat meals every 3-4 hours that way your bodies metabolism is constantly burning fat!! Have fun and enjoy your workouts!!! The results you reap from all your hard work def. pays off in the end!!!


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