Hello Everyone!! Well I'm sorry to disappoint those of you who were going to stop on by my competition on August 18th in Glendale to cheer me on but its been cancelled. Unfortunately, the Fitness America Phoenix show this year apparently ran low on competitors so they decided to just cancel and not have it here this year.. Oh well maybe they will learn how to market it better so that they can have it here next year!

Well that's ok because hard training never goes to waste so I'll just relax a little bit then get geared up and ready for my next show which will be The Worlds Hollywood on November 17th. I'll give myself 8-9 weeks for this show as I believe I will be competing not only in the bikini division but possibly the figure division as well. So if anyone will be in Hollywood, CA that weekend please come on by and cheer me on. Not to mention this show besides the Miami Universe is another one of FAP's biggest shows of the year! There will probably be over 400 contestants competing in the several divisions they have to choose from. I've done this show the last two years and have to say it def. gives you a run for your money! Lots of competitors from all around the world come out to compete in this event which only makes you train harder!

I'm looking forward to the challenge once again and hope to have another memorable experience there in Hollywood! So stayed tuned as I give you more details day by day as I begin my journey for this upcoming event!


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