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Interior shots 2014

interior shots 2014

Berlin with kitty

berlin with kitty

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I know we all get comfortable & complacent in the gym & get into a rut of never changing our workout routines. It's very easy to do & I admit I am even guilty of doing this many times while being in the gym. However in the last couple of moths I have been trying to implement new exercises into my workout routines. I took up jump roping many months back as the last time I had actually jumped rope was when I was a kid many many years ago.

I went out and bought a fairly inexpensive jump rope & would go into the aerobic room in my gym when it was free and jump rope for as long as I could trying to work on my form and speed. After a couple months I actually started becoming good and knew that if I kept at it I could get even better. Now I go into the gym and jump about 3-4 days a week for about an hour at a time. Jumping rope is one of the highest calorie burning cardio exercises you can do. Not to mention if you put on some good tunes you would be amazed how fast the …

So many people, fear the unknown

text diary

So many people, fear the unknown
their soul and their desires may never rise to the surface
and if it does, their old concepts about the world and how the world works starts to fall apart
Then they think they have a nervous breakdown


Does the thought ever cross your mind that the older you get the better you look? Well as crazy as that sounds I believe it's true. I look back at my younger years & the progress I had made with my body & it is in no way as good as it is compared to right now in my life. The older we get the more we master the skill of manipulating our bodies to do and look the way we need them to.

As I competed through the years I was always trying new things, doing different workouts & adjusting my food. I would have to say the biggest thing I learned was how to stay lean all year round & not have to work so hard such as I did in the past. Many of us think that hours of cardio & lifting is the key to changing our bodies. When in fact that is only a small percentage in losing body fat to change your look. Once you learn how to manipulate your food into knowing exactly what works for you then you have just mastered the first step in getting the body that you want. Keep in mind…

For the average people in the world

text diary

for the average people in the world, who live their life,
unconscious, considering life as boring or uninspiring,
people that made no attempt to gain knowledge or information
that could inspire them, could help them follow through,
they're hypnotized by their environment, locked up.


This recipe is very simple & takes literally no time to make! It's as low carb as you would like 2 make it! If you want more carbs then feel free to add more fruit or anything additional but I like to keep it simple!



4 egg whites- I prefer 2 use the whites from brown Organic eggs
dash of cinnamon
1 tablespoon ground flax seed
dash of cinnamon
1 packet of stevia
1/2 scoop of protein powder-(I use DYMATIZE NUTRITION Elite 12 Hour Protein Blueberry Muffin 1/2 scoop with a dab of low carb dutch choc. Isopure)
1/2 small organic banana
Handful of blueberries
2 teaspoons sugar free syrup/or real maple syrup


Mix all the ingredients into the bowl except for the fruit.

Make sure your skillet is turned on medium to hot as you do not want the pancakes to burn.

Pour the batter onto the pan and then add your desired fruit. I pinch pieces of the banana & blueberries onto the pancake as it is cooking.

REMEMBER-since you h…


I started competing thirteen year ago when I was 24 yrs. old as a fitness model & fitness competitor. Before I got into the industry I use to go watch all of the fitness/modeling shows to see what this craze was all about and after watching I knew that this was the industry for me. Competing in shows takes more then anyone can really imagine until one has experienced it themselves, it is not just getting up on stage prancing around in some little bikini as some people may think. The biggest thing about competing is you have to be selfish as this is a sport all about you which means, making your food, doing all your workouts & not going out with your friends at night to eat when your training. Those are only a few of the sacrifices that you will give as there are more.

I've learned discipline, dedication, self control, sacrifice & mostly how to manipulate my body to get it look the way I want. When I competed in my first show I really had no idea what I was doing nor t…


Don't we all get tired of training the same old way we always do in the gym? I will answer honestly on this one and say YES we all get stuck in the same routine that we always do just because it's habit and probably for the most part pretty easy. I am a huge creature of habit as most of us are and had to finally make a conscious effort to change my routine at the gym.

I think the first step to figuring out how to change your routine is figuring out what you are trying to accomplish thru your workouts. What kind of results are you trying to gain and what are your main goals for picking that different routine. I know for me I wanted to keep the lean look that I have so I found a program called Tabata training. It involves performing different exercises that are timed in 20 second intervals with a 10 second rest in between for a total of 8 sets. I combine weight training exercises as well as cardio exercises in this particular program. I may do a set of sprints as one exercise a…


This is my very own homemade protein cookie recipe! These cookies are not only healthy, low fat, but made with the finest organic ingredients!! They taste amazing!! This recipe can also be made with non-organic ingredients,white eggs, & plain chocolate chips. I just prefer the other ingredients.

You will need the following ingredients:

1 organic banana peeled & mashed
1 cup organic cashew butter, almond butter or peanut butter-whichever one you prefer best.
1/3 cup Stevia
2 organic brown eggs (egg whites only)
1/4 cup sugar-free maple syrup
1 tsp. vanilla extract
2 cups wheat unbleached flour
1 tsp. baking soda
1 cup organic quick oats
2/3 cup organic grain sweetened chocolate chips or carob sweetened
1 cup chocolate isolated whey protein


1. Preheat oven to 300 degrees F. Make sure your cookie pan or sheet is non-stick.

2. In a large size bowl mix together the mashed banana, cashew, almond butter or peanut butter & Stevia. Mix until smooth & then a…


One thing that I think is a constant problem with competitors or even perhaps models is the fluctuation of weight and not being able to maintain a good healthy weight for ones self year round after a competition or an event is over. I know when competitors do a competition as I have for the last 12 years the most critical thing is learning how to maintain your weight once that show is over. Too many people end up restricting themselves so much thru the contest prep that after the show they have no self control and can not stop eating. Later on those long eating spells turn into binges and then weeks go by and you've now gained 15-20 pounds.

I've learned thru my experiences that you need to know the right amount of calories needed for you body to maintain the look that you like. Once you have figured that out then you need to add in your food accordingly so that you are not constantly eating and binging throughout the day. If you know around how many calories you need to take …


Many of us may laugh at this statement but when you really think about it isn't it the truth? I have found that what we put in our mouth portrays what are body looks like. A good percentage of overweight people eat fast food and consume lots of sugar so it is safe to assume they resemble the foods they are putting in their mouth. What I believe is that you can have the foods you want in life but in moderation only. I eat clean all during the week and then choose one day on the weekend and allow myself that cheat meal to have whatever it may be that I am craving. That way I am not eating junk all the time but I am treating myself for all the self discipline that I have shown all week long.

I believe if you are counting your calories daily then you are able to add in some things into your diet instead of waiting till your designated cheat day because you know the amount of calories your body needs to maintain daily the look your happy with. If you do not know the amount of calories…


For everyone out there who has those days where they do not know what to have for breakfast well this is for you as well as for all u health nuts out there too..:) It's simple-easy- and is done in minutes!!!



¼ cup organic quick oats
1 scoop chocolate Isopure low carb protein or protein of your choice
1 small organic banana
Cashew butter/almond butter


Just boil your water, add in organic oats.

Once cooked then you will add your 1 scoop protein powder, 1 small organic banana-jst cut it into small pieces, 1tsp. of either cashew butter or almond butter, touch of cinnamon, sprinkle of stevia, and then just stir it all together in your bowl.

If it gets too thick then just add some more water into your bowl and stir. It will be just right with adding extra water and it will not be thick.

This is a very simple- yet amazing tasting breakfast which includes all the right proteins, carbs & fats all mixed i…


Hi All-
I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! 2009 is def. going to be a rockin year for me, I have alot planned and will be starting back into my training mode this week! I am gearing up for a couple of shows in April & throughout the summer. I will also be going to the Arnold Classic at the end of Feb. in Ohio. I am not sure if I will be working the booth for Redline/VPX or just going to have fun! Check back with me closer to and I'll let you all know!

Above is my video shoot that I did with Mandarich Photography, they are located in Scottsdale and do amazing work! So if anyone is looking for a photographer out there please contact them, they are the most professional and the best in town!! Go to I had an amazing experience with them and loved all the pic's and the vid. above..:)

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and is looking forward to a brand new successful 2009!! Remeber since this is a New Year, I hope everyone o…


Hello Everyone, Well I'm back from Toronto where I competed at the WBFF show. I competed in the masters figure and the fitness model categories. I have to say this was the best show I have competed in ever and I have been competing for over 11 years. Paul Dilett def. knows how to not only put an amazing show but how to treat his competitors with the utmost respect!! The show was on time, ran smooth and his staff was extremely helpful and there for anything any competitor needed at anytime! I have never competed in a show where the competitor was treated so good! Not only was the show excellent but the prizes were awesome AND given out to each winner when the awards were given at the end of the show. Most shows I do the competitors are never given their awards much less the cash prizes they are told they are to receive. I was extremely impressed and will def. be back next year to do it again! The girls backstage were also extremely friendly and just really cool! I had an amazing e…


Hi All,
Well I wanted to let everyone know that I've decided to branch out and travel to Canada to compete in a show with a new federation that I have never competed in! This federation is the World Bodybuilding &Fitness Federation promoted by its CEO Paul Dilette. I will be competing in the Fitness Model Diva category which is similar to the divisions I have been doing in the past. This division has two categories: 1-is in a bikini/heels of choice and 2-a sportswear theme outfit.
I hear the show is supposed to be outstanding as he is giving over $70K away in prizes and lots of photographers and magazine coverage will be taken place at this event! I am hoping this show turns out to be as good as everything I am hearing it is! I will def. let you all know what I think when I return. If you would like to check it out you can go to for all the show info. just in case any of you out there will be in Toronto at that time. The show will be taking place on Septe…


Hi All, Just got back from the show and I have to say it was not quite what I had expected. I had never done a FAME show before and it was extremely small as if no-one had ever heard of it before-quite unmotivating and depressing. Anyhow, we all learn lessons in life and despite how small it was I was very happy with the turn out of my body! But from now on I will continue to compete in Fitness America Shows which is what I am use to! I know how the FAP shows are run and I am very happy with that unlike this experience. I met some great people at the show and had a blast in Vegas!! The picture I have posted is of me and one of my closest friends Jana Stewart on stage in the Fitness Model theme wear division. Well what's next for me you may be asking.... Well I am going to keep training and eating clean just maintaining where I am at until I compete in my next show which will be the FAP show in November-it use to be the Worlds in Hollywood but Lou-the promoter of FAP has change…


Hi All, I know it has been forever since I've updated you on my progress and what has been going on with me. So sit back and listen up while I share my latest experiences and progress with you all! Well showtime is next Saturday, May 31st at the Planet Hollywood as I shared before in my last blog. I will be competing in the Fitness Model and Bikini divisions. I am so excited it is almost here as I have been training really hard for this show. My daily routine has involved lifting free weights for about 45 min. and then following that with an hour of cardio each morning. I also do a second round of 30 min. cardio later in the evening just so that I can burn some additional calories. I work on different body parts each day and combine some together for a more efficient workout according to my needs and leg day always has its own day with hamstrings and some light calves involved in that. My diet changes the closer the competition gets here as I tweak things here and there to suit …


Hi Everyone,

Well I got back from the Hollywood Worlds show a couple weeks ago and I must admit I've done better in my past competitions as this was NOT one of my better ones. I did learn that when competiting you need to pick one division and stick to that-do not combine two which is what I did and ended up in the middle getting no-where. I did the bikini division as well as the figure division and I felt I was too muscular for bikini yet not lean and ripped enough for the figure division. The divisions are two completely different looks and I needed to focus on one not both-so big lesson learned for next time that I need to focus on one division only! My look was in the middle and it didn't fit anywhere therefore my turn out was worse had I just focused on one. Another thing I learned is your coloring/tan is HUGELY important for the show. I had ordered a Jan Tana product and got sent the wrong color by mistake and realized it once I was putting it on at the show. By that time…


Hi Everyone, Yes, its been awhile since I've updated my blog here. But I wanted to let everyone know that I have been doing well and will be starting my training soon for my next show which will be put on by FAME. The show will be in Las Vegas at the Planet Hollywood Hotel on May 31, 2008. I will be competing in the Muscle Model division. This will be my first time competing with the FAME federation as well as in the Muscle Model category. I am very excited to see how I do and get a chance to see what the FAME Federation is all about compared to the FAP shows that I normally compete in. I thought I would branch out into a new division and really concentrate on only one division this time as doing more then one category for me doesn't seem to work. If anyone has nothing to do that weekend I would love to see you all in Las Vegas cheering me on! This is FAME'S 1st show in our neck of the woods and I hope it goes over well. Keep checking my blog as I will be posting my compe…


Hi Everyone! Well the Hollywood Worlds show is approaching near, a little under 3 weeks away and i'm def. ready for it to be here. I've been training hard and I will be competiting in the bikini division and possibly the figure division too. But i'll decide that for sure in another two weeks as I see how my body is looking! The show is in Hollywood and is put on by Fitness America, if you want all the details go to
I've changed my diet around this time instead of last time where I was primarily doing the meal replacement called Living Fuel. Even though I feel it is a good meal replacement nothing is better then nourishing your body with real food. Basically my meals consist of the following right now:

1/2 cup organic oats
w/ 25g Isopure low carb choc. protein powder
some stevia and cinnamon

3-3-1/2hrs later
protein shake-20g of the Dessert protein

4oz. orange roughy
4oz. sweet potato

4 egg whites
1-2 tsp. salsa
cup of sala…

Summer with naomi

with naomi


We have all had those days where we do not feel like cooking but yet we are so hungry we know we need to whip up something! Well this recipe hits the spot & takes no time at all!! Again using organic foods is your choice but you do not have to..:)

Ingredients needed:

5 cups organic baby spinach
10 large fresh raw shrimp
1 tablespoon fresh oregano
2 tablespoons fresh lime juice
3 tablespoons organic extra-virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon capers
2 large bell peppers diced-one-red & one yellow
1 teaspoon olives-Kalamata pieces
1/4 cup pecans
sea salt & ground pepper 2 taste

Cooking Directions:

You will need to put your ten large pieces of shrimp on skewers & place them on the grill till cooked. Make sure you keep your eyes on them so you don't over cook them.
Mix the olive oil, lime juice, and oregano together in a large mixing bowl.
Season with a pinch of sea salt & pepper for taste.
Then add the spinach, bell peppers, capers, & olives to the oil mix.


CHOCOLATE, COOKIES, BROWNIES, SUGAR-COATED GOODIES, etc.. And the list goes on & on & on!! What happens when we eat clean all the time and ignore those cravings that our body yearns for once in awhile? I eat clean pretty much most of the time but what I have recently found out is that denying my body that treat when the craving is strong may not always be the right decision.

I think that if you eat clean all week long you should allow your body that "cheat" meal on the weekend or whenever you decide that cheat meal should be. I found that ignoring that craving to allow myself that treat was only leading to over-indulging when I decided to have that sweet temptation. That only resulted in consuming excess calories & feeling miserable afterwards because I was making up for lost cravings. Obviously if you are training for something, have some photo shoots or whatever it may be coming up then of course you may want to wait on having those cheat meals till afterwards…



This recipe is amazing!! Especially when you get those cravings where you want to have something sweet but healthy as well to eat! Remember you can choose if you want to use organic ingredients or not. That is strictly a choice, I just prefer too..:)


2 cups organic brown rice flour
8 ounces almonds which you will finely ground into a powder
2 teaspoons baking powder
3 organic brown egg whites & using only 1 of the egg yolks
2 teaspoons natural almond extract
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
3 tablespoons organic sesame seeds
4 ounces organic sucanat
2 ounces organic raw tahini

Baking Instructions:

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.
Mix all the dry ingredients together except for the sesame seeds.
Mix the eggs, almond extract, tahini & sucanat together.
Then add the mixed dry ingredients into the bowl with the eggs, almond extract, tahini & sucanat. You will mix it really good until a smooth dough is formed.
Form about 10 small …


Hello Everyone!! Well I'm sorry to disappoint those of you who were going to stop on by my competition on August 18th in Glendale to cheer me on but its been cancelled. Unfortunately, the Fitness America Phoenix show this year apparently ran low on competitors so they decided to just cancel and not have it here this year.. Oh well maybe they will learn how to market it better so that they can have it here next year!

Well that's ok because hard training never goes to waste so I'll just relax a little bit then get geared up and ready for my next show which will be The Worlds Hollywood on November 17th. I'll give myself 8-9 weeks for this show as I believe I will be competing not only in the bikini division but possibly the figure division as well. So if anyone will be in Hollywood, CA that weekend please come on by and cheer me on. Not to mention this show besides the Miami Universe is another one of FAP's biggest shows of the year! There will probably be over 400 c…


This is one of the easiest yummiest protein filled treats ever! This recipe was created by Evian Delly & myself.


1 jar of Naturally More P.B, cashew butter or crunchy almond butter-u choose whichever one you prefer.

5 packs of Stevia

1/2 cup-or if you would like more then make it 1 cup of organic oats or Quinoa Flakes-again it's your choice on which one you prefer to use.

7 scoops of whey protein

1/2 cup of honey

1 cup of organic shredded coconut


Depending on how big of batch of balls you would like to make will depend on the amount of ingredients you add. So you could use less then the suggested amounts of ingredients if you want to make less balls.

In a large bowl you will mix the p.b or whichever you choose, then next mix in the Stevia. Be sure to mix this well.

Next you will add the protein, organic oats or Quinoa flakes if you prefer all together in the bowl. You will then add the honey last. Make sure that you use your hands to mix the ingredien…

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