I would also like to give tons of credit to one of the greatest trainers ever, Scott White for helping me train, diet, and letting me borrow his shoulder at anytime needed for the preparations of many of my competitions-including this last one to Miami. The man def. knows his stuff and pushes you to do what he knows is in you to do without ever letting you give up! You may at those times want to punch& scream at him but in the end your shaking his hand thanking him for pushing you to your limit and that's when you know you have the best trainer. My props go out to Mr. White for putting up with me all those times...(LOL)...

I have to say I'm pretty even keel when I'm getting ready for a competition but as you all well know who really likes to diet!!!! But when you look in the mirror and smile, that's when you know it was ALL worth it!!! So when you guys out there want to give up, DON'T, please remember when you start to see those results and you will, just keep moving forward because it only gets better!!


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