Hi All,
I know it has been forever since I've updated you on my progress and what has been going on with me. So sit back and listen up while I share my latest experiences and progress with you all!
Well showtime is next Saturday, May 31st at the Planet Hollywood as I shared before in my last blog. I will be competing in the Fitness Model and Bikini divisions. I am so excited it is almost here as I have been training really hard for this show.
My daily routine has involved lifting free weights for about 45 min. and then following that with an hour of cardio each morning. I also do a second round of 30 min. cardio later in the evening just so that I can burn some additional calories. I work on different body parts each day and combine some together for a more efficient workout according to my needs and leg day always has its own day with hamstrings and some light calves involved in that.
My diet changes the closer the competition gets here as I tweak things here and there to suit my needs. My typical food plan up til the last 2 weeks was generally as follows:
1/2 cup organic oats
w/ 1 scoop Isopure Low carb whey protein
cinnamon/stevia/1/2 tsp. cashew butter
protein shake/Isopure
4 egg whites
4oz brown rice
protein shake/Isopure
4oz. turkey or occaionally super lean ground beef
salad with tsp. olive oil/red wine vinegar
That was the typical meal plan that I have been following. I just have added some fish in there now as well as some sweet potato instead of brown rice. I usually will also no carb for a few days the week of the show and then add them back in slowly as the show approaches. My diet is the plan that I follow that works for me and my body as we all have different things that work for each of us! So when doing a competition or trying to diet you need to really know what foods work best for your individual body to know what kind of results you can obtain best. I have found that these foods work best for my body, and since I am also lactose intolerant & have a chicken allergy I have to be very careful what I choose to eat when I am dieting.
Well there's a little bit for you as far as my diet goes! My training has been on key and the workouts have been great as well! Like I said if any of you out there plan to compete just keep dialed in with your body and try to get to know how your body responds to different foods/supplements. That will help you tremendously when trying to diet down as well as proper lifting and doing the proper amounts of cardio. That will also give you an idea of how much time you will need to prepare for a competition when you decide you want to do one!
This last picture was taken from a photo shoot I had done a couple weeks ago, I will be getting new pic's taken next week so please check out my gallery for some hot new pic's. My photographer Tony & Char Mandarich from Mandarich Photography are awesome and are located in Scottsdale if anyone would like to contact them for pictures. He and his wife are amazing and I would highly recommend them to anyone! Check out their website at www.mandarichphotography.com
Well that's about it for me right now! One more week to go and Viva Las Vegas FAME-SIN CITY-here I come! I hope you all out there keep eating clean, training hard, drink lots of water and get plenty of rest!!!!!!!!!!! Remember if anyone out there will be in Las Vegas next weekend on Saturday you should stop by the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino and check out the show as its going to be amazing!!
Stay tuned in as I have new and exciting things coming your way soon!!!!!!!!!


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