Hi Everyone,

Well I got back from the Hollywood Worlds show a couple weeks ago and I must admit I've done better in my past competitions as this was NOT one of my better ones. I did learn that when competiting you need to pick one division and stick to that-do not combine two which is what I did and ended up in the middle getting no-where. I did the bikini division as well as the figure division and I felt I was too muscular for bikini yet not lean and ripped enough for the figure division. The divisions are two completely different looks and I needed to focus on one not both-so big lesson learned for next time that I need to focus on one division only! My look was in the middle and it didn't fit anywhere therefore my turn out was worse had I just focused on one. Another thing I learned is your coloring/tan is HUGELY important for the show. I had ordered a Jan Tana product and got sent the wrong color by mistake and realized it once I was putting it on at the show. By that time it was too late and I was stuck with it, so when you see my pic's that I'll be posting to my gallery you'll notice I look rather muddy....

Again, that was another downfall in this competition, when you don't have the right coloring nothing shows up on your body.. When your color is right it will accent your definition and bring out your vascularity on stage in which mine was def. hidden by the wrong tanning color. I learned lots of lessons in doing this show and the biggest thing I learned is BE PREPARED!! I don't believe I fully was for this competition hence the outcome.. Well guys, despite my not so good performance I had A BLAST at the show!!!! I met so many great competitors from all over the world and had a really good time while I was there. Also got to hang out with a great guy/competitor that I met actually at the last FAP show in Miami. His name is Lazo Freeman, he's from England and he placed 3rd in the Musclemania Heavyweight division in this Hollywood Worlds show. He looked awesome and if you'd like to know and see more about this hottie from England just google his name and you can find lots of good stuff on him. I've posted a picture of us above from the show!! Again, this show was a great experience and I'll def. do it again next year but of course compete in only one division!!

Well the holidays are upon us now as Turkey day has come and gone! With Christmas vastly approaching I hope all of you are still exercising hard out there after all that good home cooking you've all been eating! Remember you can still eat some of that good ol' home style cooking & look good if you watch your portion sizes, count your calories and please continue to exercise and do your cardio especially thru this holiday season!! As for me-I'm just going to continue on training and working hard while deciding which show I'd like to compete in next and of course enjoy this blessed holiday that is vastly approaching!!


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