Hi All! Well its time for me to start my grueling diet and hard core training as my August 18th FAP show is vastly approaching. I try to give myself about 4 weeks of dieting before each show as the last one was about a 2-1/2 week diet in which I don't recommend. It's always nice to take a break from dieting when your done with a show but I also look forward to starting back after a little while. The first week is probably going to be a little grueling since I love sweets and I indulged a little bit on my break so my body is def. going to be having some serious sugar withdrawals...(LOL)... but after a week of getting back into the saddle it will be like riding a bike-its a piece of cake-well that's what i'm telling myself anyways!

One thing I would highly recommend to anyone whether they are getting ready for a show and need to shed some fat super quick or just need a great meal replacement is a supplement called Living Fuel. You can go to Scott White's website- to read up on all the super healthy nutrients and vitamins that it contains and I just love the berry flavor, that's my favorite! Typically, when i'm getting ready for a show my diet pretty much consists of the following:

Breakfast: 1/2 cup organic oats, cinnamon, one scoop of Jay Robb's chocolate whey protein powder, a little stevia and once in awhile a tsp. of organic cashew butter or almond butter. (that depends on how the diet is going).

Mid-morning meal: typically 3 hours later: a scoop of berry Living Fuel, a 1/2 scoop Jay Robb's protein powder, a couple of strawberry's and blueberry's. Blend it up with water and it makes for an awesome shake.

Lunch: I'll repeat the shake again with no fruit but may add in a biscuit-from the cereal Organic Wheetabix.

Dinner: I'll either have 4oz of fish-(Orange Roughy) or lean turkey with some vege's or a salad or i'll just repeat another shake from above. If I do salad, i'll use a red-wine vinaigrette for dressing.
I try to space all the meals out 3-4 hours apart but no longer than 4 hours because that's way to long. Typically that's my diet plan 4 weeks out from a show and I tweak it as necessary during those 4 weeks as to how my progress is coming along. Sometimes i'll cut out the oatmeal in the morning and replace it with a shake and then only have it on weekends. I do that primarily the last two weeks prior to showtime and really lower my carbs and fruit as well. I also make sure my water intake is high and I take fish oils and coconut oil everyday to help keep my good fats high.
A lot of dieting is knowing what works for your body as too how quick you can shed fat. Trial and error is really the only way to learn and through the years I've tried to do what works best for my own body. What may work for my body may not necessarily work for someone else. So I suggest anyone competing or trying to shed those extra pounds should contact a trainer or nutritionist such as myself before they start just using anothers diet as their own. Well, I survived my first day back on and it wasn't as bad as I thought!!! So keep tuned in reading my blog and i'll keep you uptodate on my continuous diet tips and training from now and till my show!!


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