You know competitions can be tough especially backstage when everyone is racing around trying to get ready and do all their last minute touch ups to themselves. I have to admit all the girls were so friendly and helpful at this show in Miami. I was amazed that everyone was willing to help you at anytime despite that they had their own selves to worry about. That's one of the reasons I like competing in the Fitness America shows is because the girls have always been so friendly and helpful. Believe it or not I've made some long lasting friendships with some of the girls I've met. It's always good to come prepared when your getting ready backstage but I've found there's usually almost always something your going to forget... But remember when someone helps you in a time of need you need to help the next person the next time they forget something! And I think the most important thing to remember when your competing is to ALWAYS have FUN!! That's what these shows are supposed to be about having a good time and always looking better then the last show you did before! Improvement is key and if you can accomplish that then everything will all be worth it! That's how I always feel at the end of every competition.. Oh and ALWAYS-ALWAYS take tons of pictures while your at the show because I know for me once I get home I always wish that I would have taken more!!!! Too many is NEVER enough!! Oh BTW-The girl in the pic. is Diana Novak one of the awesome girls that I met at the show- who also competed with me in the bikini division!!


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